5 Benefits of a Clean Dryer Vent

You have probably heard this many times from different professionals. Your appliance repairman, Heating & Air technician, and probably even your Home Inspector . A Clean dryer vent has several benefits. It is important to know some of the signs of when it is time to clean your dryer vent.

First of all, let’s identify how Clothes dryer works. The way the machine works is by tumbling wet clothes through heated air in the rotating drum of the dryer. Once the air is heated, it evaporates the moisture, then it is picked up by a fan and it expels it from the dryer machine. A dryer vent is not to be confused with the lint trap on your dryer machine. The purpose of a dryer vent is to expel the moisture & the hot air outside of your home.

Prevent a house fire -According to the U.S Fire Administration “2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss.” A staggering fact as well is that “Failure to clean the dryer is 34% the leading cause home clothes dryer fires.”
Increase Lifespan of your Dryer – As simple as cleaning the lint trap, cleaning your dryer vents periodically can minimize the wear & tear on your dryer machine. There are very simple ways of cleaning your dryer vent that you can find simple tool kits at your local hardware store.
Less Drying Time – If your clothes are taking longer to dry, it may be a sign of lint build-up. Another good indicator would be the lint inside the machine attached to your clothes.
Minimize Repairs – Most dryers can last anywhere between 10-13 years. As the air is restricted by lint, it makes your dryer machine work harder & longer to heat your clothes which adds to the wear & tear of the dryer. The wear and tear that accumulates over the years of lack of maintenance can cause significant cost of repairs or even replacement.
Lower Utility Bill – If your clothes dryer is working longer than it needs to in order to dry your clothes, it is requiring more of your utilities than needed.

It is important to check your dryer vent at least once a year, if you are able to clean it yourself it is a good DIY project which will provide you with these great benefits. If your dryer vent is not easily accessible such as on the roof and requires extra tools to clean it properly, call a professional. During your Home Inspection, I evaluate your Clothes Dryer vents for configuration, termination, and cleanliness as well as your gas and electric hook up. Having a Pre-Listing Home Inspection can help identify issues like these among many others.

One of the things we do not recommend would be a pest barrier connected to your dryer vent like this one. As you can see it’s holding and accumulating lint from your dryer. This lint may flow back into your dryer and potentially clog the dryer ducts which would create a fire hazard.

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