5 Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Home

If you think Christmas is a great time to show off your creativity, believe me, Halloween provides even more opportunities to try your hand at scary home decor ideas. Whether you prefer to keep things simple and cute, or you are into witches and broomsticks, we have the perfect ideas to keep everyone entertained.

1. Create a ghostly yard scene

This is one in which the whole family can partake. Let everybody sit down and plan a really spooky scene for your garage or home. This is a great opportunity to celebrate Halloween and have fun together. And the best part yet is that everyone, from the oldest to the youngest, can take part. This year scare trick-or-treaters with a cemetery that will give even the bravest among them cold shivers. Another great idea is to create a haunted forest in your garden, complete with pumpkins and witches on broomsticks. Just don’t make it so scary that you send real estate prices in your area plummeting!

2. Use spider web decor to make your home look genuinely spooky both inside and outside

Not only is spider web decorations a guaranteed success when it comes to Halloween decorations, but it also doesn’t break the bank. Drape your front door and the garden with spider webs and also make them part of the Halloween decor inside your home. To make the whole thing look even more authentic, buy a couple of plastic spider rings. To create an even more scary effect, introduce a doll or two that appears to be stuck in a spider web. If even real spiders get inquisitive when they see your Halloween web, you will know you have a winner.

3. Floating balloon ghosts

Ghosts and Halloween go together like hearses and funerals. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to buy high-tech ghost imitations. All you need is a couple of helium balloons and some thin white cloth or net curtain fabric. Decorate the balloons with huge, scary black eyes, gaping mouths with red teeth, and crooked noses. Then place them in a dark corner of the lounge or the front garden. If you soon start hearing children (and a few adults) scream, you can be virtually certain that your Halloween party is going to be a huge success.

4. Build a coffin for this year’s Halloween party

There are very few people who like coffins. Yet, strangely enough, they are usually huge hits at Halloween parties. It seems most of us like to be spooked as long as we know deep down that it’s not real. If you are a DIY fan, it’s not too difficult to use heavy cardboard or wood to build your own imitation coffin. But fortunately, for the rest of us, there are always ready-to-assemble coffin kits. Of course, a coffin on its own might not be enough to scare everyone. For those hardcore ghost resisters, you will have to make sure that your coffin is big enough so someone can hide inside – ready to pop out and scare the wits out of your guests.

5. Add a scary demonic baby crawling up the wall

This one might scare even your adult guests. Grab a large old doll from the attic and make it look even more bedraggled by dressing it in torn, dirty rags. If you can get your hands on an old wig even better. Rub a good amount of dirt into the hair and voila!, your baby doll will already start looking truly scary. Now use your imagination. You can, for example, gauge out the eyes and put a red light inside the head. This will create the effect of demonic red eyes staring directly at you. Next, put talcum powder on those parts (such as the hands, face, and feet) that are not covered by the rags to give them a ghostly white tint. Finally, use a picture hook or something similar to put the whole thing up on the wall with the front part of the body facing the wall. Turn the head around just enough so one can see the glowing eyes and position the limbs in such a way that the ‘baby’ appears to be climbing the wall.

As always we hope you have a safe & happy halloween with your friends and family. Don’t forget, if your home starts making scary noises, it may be time to call us for your Home Inspection!

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