5 Things You Should Check For Fall

As summer starts to wind down. Fall is a great time to walk around your home and do some DIY checks so that you can prepare for upcoming weather changes. No one likes surprises, but taking the time to check these items can save you a headache in the Winter time.

Roof – Checking your roof may not be easy. But it sure can give you an insight into the condition of it and may buy you time to make necessary repairs if you find signs of failure. Things you can look for are cracked tiles, missing shingles, gaps, etc. Roof repairs can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Don’t wait until you’ve discovered a roof leak during the rain. Not only will you have a harder time to get the repair done immediately pending weather conditions, but also further expenses such as mold, water damage, etc. If you are unable to get to your roof, hire a professional.

Weather Stripping & Caulking – Although these items don’t wear out quickly, it is important to check them as they are a great benefit for your comfort in your home. Worn out weather stripping & caulking may bring unwanted critters in your home such as spiders, cockroaches, ants, among other pests. Having properly sealed areas in your home also helps keep the heat in and the cold out for wintertime and keep the cold in the heat out during summertime. A total of around $20 can save you hundreds on your cooling or heating bill.

Gutters & Storm Drains – Check to see if there is any debris that may be building up and prevent water to flow freely. Due to California not being a State where we get lots of rain year-round, when it does rain in abundance your storm drains may clog up with debris. There may be times where a backyard may flood due to blocked storm drains. Good things to check is that they are not being obstructed by anything.

Chimney – You may not use your chimney often, but if you plan to use it during the winter months, especially in the Holiday season, it should be part of your list. The risk of a fire or issues is possible when a chimney may not be properly maintained or checked for residue, build-up, or anything preventing airflow. Signs your chimney may need to be maintained are: Burn odors when nothing is burning, a black damper, the fire burns poorly. Another reason to check is that birds often like to hang out on your chimney and bring things such as sticks, leaves, etc. This debris can fall in and create a blockage.

Water Heater & Furnace – This is also a great time to change your Heating system filter and turn it on to test it. Many Heating & Air contractors usually have a great deal during the slower months of Fall to help you maintain them. Your Water Heater is also something we forget about until it stops working. A good thing to check is that it is not making loud banging noises, that it heats your water quickly, and your water is clean. Signs of rusty water may be due to a poorly maintained Water Heater or signs of failure.

As you do a thorough check of your home to the best of your ability. It can help keep peace of mind that you have done your part to keep you and your family comfortable in the upcoming weather changes and even minimize costly repairs. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram, we love updating our customers and friends on how to check things in your home and cool DIY tips for you to learn.

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