5 Ways To Save On Home Energy Costs

How often do you stare at your energy bill wishing there was something you could do about it? Energy expenses contribute a significant part of your recurring monthly domestic expenses. So, by reducing your energy costs, you will be reducing the overall household expenses. Fortunately, there are different ways you can save energy at home to increase energy savings. Here are the five most effective ways to save on home energy costs;

1. Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances contribute to 13% of a home’s energy use. So, when buying new appliances or replacing existing ones, always choose an energy-efficient appliance model. You can gauge a product’s energy efficiency through its energy efficiency rating. The higher the rating, the less energy the appliance needs, thus reducing energy costs.

If the appliances you currently have are not energy-efficient, you can save energy by turning them off when they are not in use. You can use power strips with on and off buttons to control the energy appliances consume.

2. Insulate Your Home

Does your home have loft and cavity walls? By insulating your home, you can help save energy costs. Insulating your home reduces the exchange of heat. Therefore, less warm or cool air will escape during different seasons, reducing the energy you use for heating and cooling. You can insulate your wall, attic, and floor. Additionally, if you use an HVAC unit with a duct system, you should also insulate the ducts to increase the unit’s efficiency.

During home inspections, we notice that most homeowners neglect their insulation after installation. You should constantly improve the insulation in an older home to ensure the insulation is still effective. Besides insulating your home, ensure you also seal air leaks. Draft homes will need more energy to heat and cool compared to tight homes. Thus, caulking and weathers stripping can also help reduce energy costs.

3. Buy Energy Efficient Windows

Your windows could be significantly contributing to your energy bill. If not well equipped with spacers, glass, or coating, your windows could be a thermal hole that promotes heat loss. Save on energy costs by investing in energy-efficient windows like double pane windows, which prevent heat loss through windows.

Energy-efficient windows use Low-E glass to block run rays from entering the home when it’s hot outside and prevent heat from going out of the house on a cold day. They also use space systems to lower heat loss. You can get gas-filled windows during cold months to avoid warm air from getting lost through the windows.

4. Be Mindful About Lighting around Your Home

Good lighting is essential for the atmosphere and aesthetics of your home. However, you can be mindful about lighting around your home without sacrificing your home’s ambiance to save on energy costs. First, you can invest in energy-saving lighting bulbs like LED ones instead of buying standard incandescent bulbs.

Second, avoid over-lighting rooms as it wastes a lot of energy. Moreover, you can install light dimmers that allow you to use less power and turn the power on when engaging in light-focused activities like reading or writing. Lastly, always turn off lights when you don’t need them. While it may be obvious, it is an effective way to save on energy costs. Ensure you turn off lights during the day as well and as soon as you leave the room.

5. Upgrade Your Thermostat

How many times did a home inspector recommend you to upgrade your thermostat? Upgrading your thermostat is an easy energy savings option. Thanks to technology, smart thermostats make it easy to create a heating or cooling schedule. You can reduce your energy bills by keeping your home at a moderate temperature when sleeping or going for a trip.

A state-of-the-art thermostat can be programmed to complement your lifestyle and hours, saving on energy expenses. Additionally, a smart thermostat can maximize energy savings by using algorithms. It can learn your preferences and make necessary adjustments to ensure the HVAC unit is at peak efficiency.

Get Your Home Inspection Done Today

There are many things you and other homeowners can do to reduce their energy consumption. Sadly, most homeowners are ignorant about it and continue to pay hundreds in energy costs. As a home inspector, the above five tips will be more effective in reducing your monthly household energy costs. Call us today for a home inspection. After a thorough inspection, we will create a comprehensive report outlining the areas you need to improve on.

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