5 Winter Home Improvement Projects You Can Do

By now you have likely figured out that owning a home is not only one of the biggest investments you will make in your life but also that improving your home not only gives you a sense of accomplishment, but also a return of investment the event you look towards selling your home.

Making improvements to your home does take effort and expenses. As a homeowner, you likely have a wishlist of items that you would like to do to your home and check off items as you live in the home. Prioritizing those items at times may be a headache on its own due to the possible time needed or cost associated with it. This Winter we can help you get some of those items started with some cost-effective ideas.

Change out Cabinet Hardware

You probably already had this in mind but likely attached to a large project such as remodeling your kitchen. But if that project is not in the near future plans, this project definitely can give your kitchen a fresh new look and the spark it needed to rejuvenate it. If you were thinking of different cabinet colors this may also be a good time for it as painting your cabinets is also not a big expense. Replacing the hardware on your cabinets is also a good idea for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and any other places in the home with cabinetry.

LED Light Bulbs

An easy winter project to save on energy costs can be quickly impacted by upgrading to LED lighting. Replacing incandescent light bulbs can range from $5-$8 per LED Light bulb, you may have a higher upfront cost to make this home improvement, but in the long run, replacing those light bulbs will provide you longer savings and life span. On average an incandescent light bulb can be 5x more expensive to run than an LED light bulb. A new benefit we all have with LED light bulbs as well is that you can now also use them with your phone apps and control settings such as dimming, timers, colors, etc.

New Paint

This is a very popular home improvement to make at any time of the year. Putting a fresh coat of paint in any area of your home is not only very cost-effective but also provides short term and long term value. Being that we are still being impacted by a global pandemic and we are spending more time inside our homes than ever before, why not give your home a little touch-up and improve what you see inside? Painting your bathroom is one of the most common areas to paint because it really makes it pop and look like a new room.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a great tool to have in your home that controls your Heating & Air conditioning system. Not only can you adjust the temperature of your home but also program the times you would like it to be on or off. However, a smart thermostat provides extra features. If you have devices in your home such as Alexa, Google Home, etc these nifty tools can also provide you with cool commands to simply speak to it to improve your home comfort. Smart thermostats also provide you the ability to control remotely from your smartphone app and tell it to turn off if no one is in the home, or increase or reduce the temperature if someone that is in the home is unable or not familiar with your thermostat.

Weather Strips

Weatherstripping your home provides you with keeping your heating inside your home. This is likely a project you completed in the fall time to ensure that you are ready for winter. However, one of the areas of the home that are often forgotten is to weatherstrip your garage doors. Weatherstripping the garage door helps prevent critters from coming in the keeping warm inside there, crawling into your vehicle engine to stay warm. Performing this project on your garage door also allows it to stay as clean as possible during high wind times or possible rain.

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