How to prepare your home for Thanksgiving

It’s important to set aside enough time to prepare your home for Thanksgiving, especially if you are expecting visitors. If you work toward ensuring that every system in your home is functional, you will be ready for anything. There are several things you can do to prepare your home, from simple company-ready preparedness to home […]

What does High Water Pressure Cause?

In California, homes tend to have high water pressure and poor water quality. From a lack of rainfall to unsustainable groundwater pumping, the unfortunate water crisis in the state is caused by several factors. A lack of fresh river flows can lead to high salt levels that contaminate the drinking water for communities. The potentially […]

How do you Prepare for a Home Inspection?

It’s almost time to pack the moving boxes, but the home inspection still needs to be completed before you can start packing. Whether you’re buying or selling, take a few things into account. This article will discuss how the buyer and seller should prepare for a home inspection. Sellers Perspective The following checklist is a […]

Home Safety Tips To Prevent A House Fire

An estimated 346,800 home fires occur every year in the US. These unexpected fires can quickly grow out of control and have devastating effects. Taking the proper fire precautions at home can help prevent the fire before it starts. Common Causes of House Fires 1. Cooking Cooking is the leading cause of nearly half of […]

5 Fall DIY Home Projects

As the intense summer heat starts to fade and the holiday season slowly approaches, many homeowners are interested in making their houses as cozy as possible. There are many fun and simple ways to customize your space and make your property better without picking up the phone to call a professional. Here are some of […]

What is SEER Rating?

An AC unit is an important part of your house, but investing in the wrong unit can take a toll on your finances. An efficient unit uses less energy to cool your home, leading to a lower electricity bill. You can determine the efficiency of an air conditioner by checking the SEER rating. What is […]

What Electrical Hazards are present in my home?

There are many potential electrical hazards in any home. Some of these electrical hazards are hidden, and some are in plain sight. The most common risks include overloaded outlets, extension cords that are not properly grounded, and damaged or frayed wires. These hazards can all lead to severe injuries or even death. According to the […]

5 Things every homeowner should know about their home

Homeownership comes with a lot of responsibility. You need to keep up with so many things to maintain your home that it can feel overwhelming. Conducting a professional home inspection is undoubtedly the best way to keep everything in your home running smoothly and in top-tier condition without having to do much. An experienced inspector […]

5 Ways to Save Energy This Summer

In California, you can tell it is summer when you are still sweaty even after the sun sets. Yes, that’s how hot it can get here. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to guess the primary appliance being used in almost every home at this time: the air conditioning unit. This device can single-handedly inflate your energy […]

Tank Water Heater vs Tankless, What’s the difference?

Hot water is an indispensable component in any home. Many households use hot water for taking a shower, laundry, and washing dishes. Therefore, if you are thinking about installing a water heater, you will be faced with the option of a tank versus a tankless water heater. Here are some differences between the two types […]