Home repairs that may be too dangerous to DIY

DIY has become the new go-to method for everything from growing a vegetable garden to doing home repairs. Although there are a lot of tutorials out there on the internet that show us step by step how to do something, there are times when we simply must acknowledge that we still lack experience and personal training to properly and safely do certain things on our own, without a professional.

Repairing particular things in our home is simply one of those things that do require a

professional at times and should not always be attempted through a do-it-yourself project. If for some reason you have electrici issues or perhaps want to install new outlets, it is strongly advised that a professional electrician is hired. Wiring and electricity are not a project for the inexperienced and may not only lead to even further damage to your lighting system but can be life-threatening.

Another home project that will most likely require you to call for professional help is if you begin to have water backing out from your bathtubs and toilets and a simple plunger will not cut it. Usually, when water and waste begin backing up from places it should not, this is indicative of maybe a severe blockage in a pipe or even a tree root that embedded itself in the plumbing system. Often, a professional will have to use a tool called a “cable” or otherwise known as a “snake” to attempt to push the waste out of the system, but if the blockage is more severe, the ground around your pipes may have to be dug up to remove any roots affecting the plumbing system. Running a cable machine without training could lead to injury.

Usually smaller projects like removing your carpet to install hardwood flooring or painting your kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen a whole new look can be safely and stylishly done without a professional and maybe cheaper to do so if you are on a budget. DIY projects do still require us to closely follow instructions and even watch a few videos or read different written tutorials to address possible bumps and hiccups that may be encountered.

Other home repairs that will require professional attention, are possible shifts or destruction in the foundation or roofing of your home. If you experience an earthquake, flood, or other natural disaster, or just simple wear and tear on your property, there are instances when you should not attempt to make repairs yourself.

Some roofing projects can be temporarily addressed with a quick-fix, by pouring a product like roof glue or shingle slime on the wear and tear or holes in your roof. But if you are experiencing major leakage of water into your home when the weather becomes rainy or windy a professional will most likely be needed to properly and safely replace your roof, or repair any major damage to your roof’s shingles. If the foundation of your home shifts, you will definitely not want to be sitting at home researching DIY projects, especially if the shift is major or may be impending danger. Call a professional immediately to seek advice if you notice any major damage to the foundation of your home.

A home inspection is very crucial for homebuyers today especially with the ongoing craze of DIY projects. One does not want to encounter the multitude of difficulties that may come with buying a home that was not professionally repaired in areas that are crucial to making the home livable and features of the home functioning. One would be very wise, to assure that before fixing a home, major features of the home, like the: lighting system and wiring, plumbing system, foundation, and roof are well put together and properly working before investing in a home. In the long run, a family will tremendously benefit economically and physically, even emotionally and psychologically from having the peace of mind that their home is safely and strongly built and that there will be a less necessary financial investment in dozens of repairs later on. DIY projects can give one something creative and fun to do with the whole family, but we must be sure to leave the more serious projects to licensed professionals. When in doubt, call us today to get your home inspected.

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