Should I Decorate or Stage My Home?

Once you have made a decision to list your home for sale there are several things you need to take care of before you have an open house. But one of the main decisions that can be impactful for your transaction is how you decide to decorate your home or stage it.

Personal Touch

You have spent a considerable amount of time during your length of stay at your home. Which means that your home decor is for your taste. However, this may not appeal to most people who will be the ones making a decision whether or not they will buy your home. It is important to be mindful that the decor you put together is appealing to the masses. There are several Home design shows or websites that can give you an insight into current trends that would be appealing to most people. Having neutral decor is always highly recommend by Home Decor professionals. One of the main things you can do is declutter the home. Over the years you have likely accumulated several things such as furniture, family photos, & different decor items. When listing your home removing family photos, bold artwork, and creating more space by removing certain pieces of furniture may make your home more appealing.

Home Staging Considerations

When it comes to professional Home Staging, it can be looked at as an investment in order to maximize the potential of your home selling for top dollar. In many cases, when you hire a home staging company they know exactly what to do when it comes to popular trends and they have the experience to maximize your home space and features to highlight. A home staging company has all the necessary things to make several parts of your home stand out. They are able to change furniture, artwork, including putting greenery in your home. If hiring a professional staging company is not an option for you, there are very budget-friendly decisions you can make to change things up a bit. Adding greenery in your home can have a great positive effect, as plants create a stress-free environment, adds color do your current style, as well as adding warmth.

In conclusion, it is not needed to have a large expense to sell your home. Take a look around your home, create a checklist of items that need to be improved or corrected that won’t break the bank. Refreshing a little paint, improving lighting, cleaning, organizing can go a long way to have that wow factor that buyers are looking for in order to create an emotional attachment to your home. Don’t forget to schedule your pre-listing Home Inspection by calling Diamond Property Inspections. Call today to schedule.

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