Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Thanksgiving is fast approaching! We know it is vital for homeowners to keep their home spic and span, which is why they call a home inspector when they purchase a house. Likewise, for the holidays, homeowners do their best to impress when it comes to decorating! Not sure how you should decorate this year? Here are some fun ideas to help you out!

Use dried corn

If you peel back the husks of dried corn and arrange them in a circle on the back of an 18-inch craft ring, you will have a beautiful corn husk wreath for decoration.

Other wreaths

Other ideas for wreaths include fake leaves and vines wound together on another craft ring. You could also do this with pinecones, acorns, and leaves. You can make the wreath any size you desire.

Napkin rings

When setting your table for dinner, you might want something to wrap your silverware. A fun idea for napkin rings involves a leather cord and mini pinecones. Glue the bottom of the pinecone to each end of a string. Then tie the napkin closed around your silverware. Your napkins will look festive and chic!

Planters and vases

For fun flower planters, hollow out a squash of your choice and decorate the inside with your favorite flowers. You can also turn that planter into a vase and put flowers in that way. Both ways end up as gorgeous decor.

Painting pumpkins

Pumpkins do not always have to be for eating. If you paint your pumpkins with fall leaves or the like, that too will make for a nice decoration. Another thing you can do with the pumpkins is leave them unpainted and instead have them as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving dinner table, surrounded by an assortment of fall-colored flowers.

Pumpkin real estate

Another fun use for pumpkins is decorating them like fall-themed houses. You can even decorate them to look like the people inside are enjoying their thanksgiving dinner too!

Candle centerpiece

You could settle for a regular candlestick placement. But why not shake things up? Use small pumpkins, remove the stems and place the candles there instead. Then place a glass hurricane around the candle to keep things safe. Now your table looks like one of a kind!

Another fun candle holder idea involves apples. If you use candlesticks for your decorations this year, try this! Pick out the best-looking apples from your local grocery store. Then carve out the core, but leave the bottom of the apple intact. Then place the candlestick inside.

One more fun idea for your candles involves fall-themed candle sleeves. Wrap them around an apple or cinnamon-scented candle, an easy and cute decoration.

Place cards

Will you have arranged seats at your thanksgiving dinner? If so, have fun creating the place cards. One way to do it is to have your guest’s name glued to a fake fall-colored maple leaf! You could also stick the guest’s name in the crevice of a cinnamon stick. That way, they will be greeted with the sweet smells of fall time.


Use a large picture frame, and inside set up fake autumn leaves with the days of November painted on them. You can attach the leaves to strings of yarn at the top of the frame or stick them to the wall inside the frame. It will be cute and a perfect decoration for your celebration.


Not sure where to put your dinner menu for guests to peruse? Use a pumpkin and paint the menu onto it. Get fancy with it, decorate it how you want it to look. You can even use multiple pumpkins if you have an extensive dinner planned.

Cake toppers

A great way to spruce up your cake is to use fun toppers! For thanksgiving, this can include things like fake leaves on pretzel sticks. You could also do the same thing with autumn flowers.

Try minimal

Or maybe you are looking to keep your decorations subtle. Maybe limit yourself to one centerpiece and one or two colors to use for your cloth and napkins. Your table will not be as cluttered, and it will be easier to set up.

Outdoor dining

Are you dining outside? When things start to get darker, you will want to see one another. Hang string lights above the table. When the sun does set, you will still have some light. It makes the perfect outdoor decoration.

With these decor options, you and your home will be thanksgiving ready!

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