The Value Of A Home Inspection

Your home is probably the largest investment you will ever make. Knowing the value a Home Inspection brings to you, can be all the difference between buying a home or a money pit. What is equally important is the experience and the credibility of your Home Inspector.

First of, if it wasn’t already obvious. California real estate is uniquely expensive. Comparing to the rest of the country, California is one of the highest when it comes to purchasing Real Estate. According to Zillow’s home prices & value analysis, the median price for a single-family home in the state is currently at $578,267. California home values have gone up by 4.4% and the median list price per square foot in California is $315.

According to Zillow’s Home Value Index, these 4 California cities are even higher!

Los Angeles: $629,900
San Diego: $572,100
San Jose: $877,400
San Francisco: $1,194,300

Now let’s talk about why a home inspection is valuable. As we just referenced, your home is probably the largest investment you will ever make in your life. The home inspection is the difference of buying a home, or a money pit. A home inspection is a detailed process that allows the buyer know the current condition of the home. This process can take an average of 2 to 3 hours for the average home. As a Certified

CREIA & ASHI Home Inspector I have spent many hours of education to be able to identify approximately over 500 components in your home and provide a detailed report of the condition of each.

The cost of a home inspection is a drop in a bucket compared to what may be inside the property that may cost your thousands of dollars if not properly identified during a home inspection. To mention a few of the components when performing your home inspection we take a look at your:

Plumbing System (Water Heaters, Shut off valves, Supply lines, toilets, etc)
Heating & Air Conditioning (Condenser, Furnace, Return, Registers, etc)
Electrical components (Outlets, GFCI’s, Lighting, Panel, Light Switches, etc)

and much more. At Diamond Property Inspections our mission is to provide you with a detailed report on the health of your real estate investment. For now 17 years as a Home Inspector I have inspected thousands of properties, helped thousands of happy home owners, worked closely with hundreds of realtors. That is why we have many great 5 star reviews on Yelp, we are highly recommended by Realtors and Homeowners across Riverside County and its surrounding areas in Southern California.

Let Diamond Property Inspections perform your Home Inspection Today!

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