What devices consume the most energy in my home?

What would happen to your usage of energy if you were to be able to walk around your home and see dollar signs popping out of your devices at home to let you know how much money they are consuming? You would probably be more attentive to see how you can help save energy and save money where you can.

Most people spend their time at home, especially currently during a pandemic it has been challenging to find places open or things to do other than being at home. A lot of people and families have adapted their lifestyle to be able to enjoy more time at home and have made different adjustments to live a healthy life during this pandemic. Let’s discuss some of the devices in your home that consumes the most energy.

Heating & Cooling System

No surprise here, your Heating & Air Conditioning system is always considered as the top device to consume energy in the home due to the high capacity of output it has to perform to keep you cool or warm. Especially during extreme weather conditions. According to “Connect 4 Climate” a Heating & Air Conditioning system accounts for about 47% of your energy usage. On average your Cooing system average cost is $394 per year and your Heating around $662 per year, this statistic is nationwide. However, I’m sure we can agree that in California that is likely the reverse in usage.

Water Heater

When is the last time you look at your water heater? According to Connect 4 Climate, a Water Heater consumes 14% of energy. This is often the most forgotten piece of equipment in your home that we overlook often, yet we use it every day to wash our hands, dishes, clothes, and shower. Depending on the style of Water Heater you have, most homes have a Tank water heater, which is always on and heating the water for when it’s ready to use. Newer models such as On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters only heat the water on demand and provides continuous hot water. The average cost of usage of your water heater is $317 per year.


This one is likely the most obvious. Your lighting in the home consumes 12% of energy and an average of $28 per year. Of course depending on the type of lighting and light bulbs you have. Investing in LED lighting can make a great impact in saving money on energy bills.

What are the appliances in the home that use energy even when not in use?

These are often referenced as “Vampire” devices. They still consume energy even when they are off.

The most common devices that meet this criteria are:

Computers (Even laptops)
DVD Player
Gaming Console
Cable box

An easy way to reduce this is by plugging some of these devices into a power strip and turn off the power strip when not in use. If you don’t have that, you can always unplug each device after use. Overall, being mindful of the devices in your home that consume energy not only helps preserve our planet but as well as saves you money.

During your Home Inspection, a thorough inspection and document all the areas of the home that need to be attended to. Items such as your Heating & Air Conditioning System, Water Heater, Lighting are among the items of the inspection that we go over. Give us a call today to schedule your Home Inspection!

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