What to do before a Home Inspection?

Knowing what to do before your Home Inspection will help the process of your transaction to flow as best as it can. Whether you are the Buyer or the Seller it is important to know the Home Inspection process to have a successful outcome. As a Realtor, it is also key that you educate your clients on what to expect and when to expect it.

A Home Inspection appointment is typically set after the home has been listed, an offer has been accepted, and the Buyer of the property has signed a purchase agreement. The Home Inspection then would need to be done before closing. Home Inspections can take up to 3 hours depending on the size of the home and other variables which is why it is also important to know what to do before your Home Inspection to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Let’s go over these steps together:

1. Time-Frame

As previously stated, it is important that a proper time-frame is discussed prior to making the appointment to ensure all involved are aware of the process and the time it takes. At times as a Buyer, you might want to attend the Home Inspection with or without your Real Estate Professional or not attend at all. As a Realtor, It is important to have this conversation with your clients to ensure there are no miscommunications. We prefer if someone must attend the Home Inspection that it is a maximum of 3 people.

2. Access

As a Home Inspector, my job is to inspect every part of your home. Before your Home Inspection, it is important to remove any clutter or items that may be in the way of the parts of the home that will be inspected such as under the sink, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, near appliances, etc. We will also need gates, garage doors, attic access etc to be unlocked for us to have full access to the property.

3. Functionality

It may be a good time to turn on all your fixtures, replace light bulbs, put batteries on smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, check for leaks, change your HVAC system filter, etc. When we inspect the home we want to document accurately, and as an example, if a light bulb is out we will have to identify the cause of why it’s out.

4. Cleanliness

You have likely already taken care of this part as you wanted your home to be in top shape before listing and showing your home. It is important to still maintain the home clean for the Home Inspection process to continue to go smoothly. An untidy home may prevent access and reportable conditions may be missed.

5. Utilities

Utilities need to be on prior to the Home Inspection as I will need to inspect your Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Air systems. This includes your Gas to be turned on and the pilot lights for me to inspect your gas-burning appliances such as your Water Heater, Heating system, etc.

6. Bugs

If you have noticed any areas infested with pests or bugs it is a good idea to get this taken care of before your Home Inspection again to prevent any area of the home to not be inspected. Such as a beehive you may have noticed by your water meter, or a spider family by your Electrical Panel. We also appreciate it 🙂

7. Preparedness

By this time you have likely done all the above steps to provide a Smooth Home Inspection. Be prepared to double-check your home before the Home Inspection to have a successful transaction. A checklist is always a great idea to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

If you have any more questions on what to do before your Home Inspection or if you would like to schedule your Home Inspection, give me a call at (951) 351-1855.

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