What’s inside my Garage?

Although a simple question, depending on who you ask they may not be able to answer. A Garage is typically filled with several things you didn’t want in your home from Holiday decorations, old memories, tools, things you’ll use “someday” among things you have accumulated over the years and you just haven’t had the time to declutter. Since it is often a space we don’t visit unless you park inside of it, there are some very important things you should not neglect.

First, let’s talk about the space itself. Giving a dedicated time once a year can mean the difference between making this space valuable or a forgotten place. Giving a thoughtful approach to the garage can help you keep your home clean, and organized as well. One of the main things homeowners can focus on is decluttering the garage and make a decision of things you need to keep, things perhaps you can donate, and ultimately things you need to throw away. A simple way of doing this is creating 3 separate places in the garage so that it can be a good indicator of when you are keeping too many things. Creating a donation area, for example, gives you the ability to stay organized to make a run to your local donation center rather than have those items mixed up with trash or things you may want to keep.

Organization Tips

Get clear plastic containers with lids. In the event that it is not in your budget or you just can’t find clear containers, be sure to label each container with its contents to easily store and organize. However, getting clear plastic containers allows you to quickly see its contents. Keeping your stored items in a sealed container protects them from insects, rodents, dust, and best of all, more available space!
Use wall space. Identify the items that you can use in all the available wall space in the garage. Hang tools such as a weed wacker, leaf blower, shovels, tools, among other things. The idea is to maximize the space in your garage and clear floor space. Hanging items that can be organized makes a clean look and an effective way of finding what you need.
Shelving. Similar to hanging things on the wall to maximize your garage space. Using shelves will also allow you to store things that you need to visibly see at a glance and make it easy for you to grab. Shelving is affordable and easy to mount.
Open space above. If your garage has open space above, you may be able to use part of that space for items that are used infrequently. Keep in mind you need to be mindful of what you put up there, likely light items that you can hang with hooks to store on top of the ceiling. As long as it is not compromising the structural support of your home.

The forgotten

Some of the forgotten things you shouldn’t neglect that are an important part of your home may vary depending on the age of your home and how it was installed at the time of construction. Some of these items might be located elsewhere inside or outside of your home.

Hose bib & Pressure regulator. An often hidden item as it is not the most appealing, hiding an item like your pressure regulator doesn’t give you the ability to see if you have a water leak coming from there. It also blocks the access for you to check the water pressure coming into your home.
Water Heater. A water heater in most homes is located inside your garage whether it is a tank or tankless, it’s not a space to store things near it or clutter around it. Not only because you shouldn’t store flammable items near it to risk a fire. But also because water runs through it and in the event of a leak, you want to be able to quickly identify that.
Furnace. As your water heater, it is a fuel-burning appliance. Putting flammable items near your furnace or clutter prohibits you and your service professional from accessing the equipment.

Here are a few other items to keep in mind.

Sprinkler control system.
Electrical sub-panel
Backwater valve (Sewer access)
Sewer Cleanout

During your Home Inspection with Diamond Property Inspections, we will also evaluate the garage and identify items, and document its condition. However, there are times where there is not much access to the garage to check these items. Keeping an organized, clean garage can help you maximize the space for storage, as well as have access to important items that are part of your home. Call today to schedule your Home Inspection in Riverside or it’s surrounding area.

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