Why Inspect a New Construction Home?

When purchasing a home, the Home Inspection process is a pretty well-known step towards the Real Estate transaction. It is very unlikely that this would be questioned as buying a home can be the biggest investment anyone can make in their life. You likely do your due diligence to research as much as possible things you can expect from an older home, things you can plan to make repairs if needed, and so forth. But why not take the same necessary steps towards a New Construction Home?

A good question that is often asked is “Why do I need a Home Inspection for a New Home?” We understand, why would a brand new home need to be inspected? After all, it is a brand new home with everything in its brand new just for you. Maybe this home is being built specifically for your specifications, wants, and needs and perhaps you likely visited the home often to check its progress and met with the job site foreman.

What may be considered as a Home Inspection for New Construction Homes?

During your experience of purchasing the home with the builder. One of the main things they communicate to you is that they will be doing a final walkthrough with you on the day of closing. Most of the time most builders have a pre-closing walkthrough as well for you to walk through the property and point out together anything that may need to be correct such as paint, missing items, minor aesthetics, and any of your wants and needs that may have been missed.

Why should you get your new home inspected?

When purchasing a new home, one of the main things you likely look forward to if you have lived in an older home is the fact that you have a new plumbing, electrical, heating & air system which can be the most expensive things any homeowner can experience to repair or replace. But even though the home is brand new, sometimes there are still issues that are a direct result of new construction. In most cases, the builder sets expectations for the contractors to finish by a specific deadline which may cause the contractors to work too fast. This is what generally creates the issues in new construction homes that allow for oversight during the build as well as defects that could have been avoided. Similarly, sometimes due to the expectations a builder may only hold the contractor accountable to meet the minimum code for building to speed up the construction process.

Here are some examples that I see at New Construction Homes that can cause issues immediately or in the future.

Too high water pressure
Sediment stuck in the water lines
Debris, construction materials stuck in drains
Incorrectly applied siding
Gaps and cracks in decks, patios, windows.
Driveway & sidewalk cracks
Nail pops
Flooring issues
No hot water
No Heat (sometimes contractors forget to turn the gas valve on)
No Air Conditioning (sometimes a wiring issue to the thermostat)
Appliances not fully installed
Cracked, broken roof tiles

Among different items. However, thankfully most builders have a 1-year warranty on most things as well as extended warranties on other minor items. These are things you can immediately correct upon your walkthrough and your Home Inspection. Having a Home Inspection on your new home can give you peace of mind that the builder is held accountable for what they promise they would deliver to you. As previously mentioned, there may have been things that were overlooked or mistakes that happen which is why there are final walk-throughs. On a Home Inspection, I don’t just inspect the aesthetics of your home but as well as the safety, and functionality of it.

Protect your investment, especially your brand new one. Schedule your Home Inspection with Diamond Property Inspections for your new construction home in Riverside County or its surrounding areas.

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