Why You Should Consider Aerial Drone Inspections

Introduction to Aerial Drone Inspections

When it comes to inspecting a home or commercial property, modern technology provides an incredible advantage via aerial drones! The introduction of aerial drones in property inspection has made inspections safer, easier, and more affordable. Aerial drone inspections perform the task of a building inspector by flying a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) around the property while taking video or other forms of aerial photography. In addition to photographs, some UAVs are also able to capture sensor data. Why should you consider drones for your next property inspection? Let’s look more closely at the benefits of inspecting your real estate with drones.

Benefits of Using Drones for Property Inspection

A traditional building inspection is a timely, challenging, and tedious task that requires a

heavy load of physical labor. Drones help out! Capturing property survey data and quick

measurement reports allows faster and more cost-efficient decision-making that may otherwise take more time.

A particular advantage of aerial drone inspections is that they make inspections that would

otherwise be unsafe for a human still possible! They also cut down on time for other manual

processes (such as building scaffolding construction for inspection). Quickly, safely, and accurately capturing thousands of data points about a property (while sharing them with other decision-makers) is a game-changer in how home and commercial real estate inspections are done! By using UAVs capable of flight, inspectors can capture an entire

snapshot of a property very quickly, saving time and money.

Drones Increase Safety
Before Drones, inspecting high or hard-to-reach areas such as oddly-sloped roofs was nearly impossible without great danger. Today, drones can be used to photograph in great detail virtually any roof, saving human lives from danger and completing inspections much more quickly.
Drones Increase Inspection Accuracy
Videos and photographs are taken to capture a complete snapshot of a property, which can be saved and reused for years to come for many forms of property maintenance. These are also used to measure and survey the property. The ability for drones to also contain sensors and record data from those sensors makes them great for detecting water or other damage through thermal imaging. Additional sensors can be used to create entire 3D computer reconstructions of a building or a property, saving repair times by finding exactly where the problem is on a 3D map versus manually looking for it.
Drones Save Money
Faster and easier inspections mean saving homeowners money on home inspections. More accuracy and capability during inspection also saves money down the line through decreased maintenance costs. Finding problems before they become bigger problems is always a massive concern, whether homeowners or real estate developers need an inspection.
Drones help catch
hidden and developing issues that would otherwise be hard to detect.
Drones Keep You Compliant
The law is the law, and it is no different for building and home inspection! Time and money-saving drones help keep you compliant with the law, making inspection much easier and more convenient. Using drones to capture and keep accurate property data keeps your records consistent. It makes the valuation of your home or commercial real estate much more straightforward.

In Conclusion

We have discussed many benefits to having your home or commercial real estate inspected using aerial drones. These benefits are cost savings, time savings, better accuracy in reporting and compliance, and much more. Aerial drones and their associated equipment only continue to improve daily, bringing new real estate and property inspection abilities with them. Putting human building inspectors and home inspectors out of harm’s way by utilizing drones for hard-to-reach areas saves lives. The technological abilities of drones are revolutionizing the ability of owners to maintain properties much more efficiently and effectively. This industry will continue to grow and provide more and more capabilities to detect, repair, and predict future issues with a property.

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